Bliss Bomb Gold Capsules


Bliss Bomb Gold Capsules are a never before seen product in the market. With over 100mg of kavalactones and 100mg of mitragynine per capsule, these are absolute rocketships.

Each one of our proprietary plant-based botanical capsules contains kava and other ancient plants, designed to get you in a state of sheer bliss. Watch anxiety and stress melt away, with a nice kick of energy and focus – one capsule at a time. Join the big leagues, and choose: Bliss Bomb Gold Capsules.

For more experienced customers, try our Bliss Bomb Black Capsules.



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Plant Based Botanical Tonic.

Why The Bliss Bomb?


Calming Non-Alcoholic alternative for when you need bliss the most


Focus and Concentration when you just need to get it done


Bliss enhancement for when the mood is right