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Kava drink creates bliss and peace. Try our kava drink today.

The origins of kava are unknown to many, despite the medicinal root being used by millions of Americans daily. Yes – we may be utilizing the benefits of kava every day, but where did it come from? How long have people used it, benefitted from it and found their bliss with kava drinks?

Origins of Kava Kava

Kava has been around for centuries. In the Pacific Islands, kava is used as a celebratory drink – a natural way to enjoy what the earth gives us. Pacific Islanders use kava to reconnect with nature and reminisce on how ancestors utilized this gift from the gods.

From Hawaii to Micronesia, people process and drink from kava roots. Over centuries, they learned the best parts of the kava root to promote the best wellness and blissful benefits. 

While there are varying ways to extract the kavalactones from kava root, one of the more popular wats is drying the roots and grinding it into a powder that can be strained into water. This is where the photos of people drinking a kava drink from a coconut shell originated.

The brief relief from stress, pain, and pressure that kava provides create an illustrious way to enjoy yourself. Find your Bliss, drink some kava, and be at peace.