kava and kratom

Kava and Kratom are two of the primary natural supplements exploding into today’s world. While many people consume them together, or separately, it is important to know how different kava and kratom are, and how each plant interacts when used.

Origins of Kava And Kratom

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) grows primarily in Indonesia. A member of the coffee family, it has been used in South East Asia for traditional ceremonies and daily use for centuries. The primary discovery of kratom had natives chewing it as a raw leaf, for pain relief, energy, and euphoric like benefits.

Kava (piper methysticum) grows primarily in the Western Pacific, in tropical regions like Hawaii and Fiji. A member of the pepper family, kava is a very different plant than mitragyna speciosa. Kava has been used similar to kratom for ceremonies or celebrations for years, but it’s typical effects and benefits are more emotionally based. Kava is more of an alcohol substitute, where kratom is a caffeine or pain relieving substitute.

Preparation, Effects and Benefits

The most common form of kratom is a dried powder, formed by drying kratom leaves and finely grounding them. Dried leaves can also be used to make a tea. Some consumers prefer capsuled kratom powder due to the heavy taste. Kava root powder is also dried and ground, usually consumed as a tea. Kava is also available in a capsule form. Due to these similarities, people have assumed that kratom and kava are similar plants.

Kava and kratom both have some sedative and uplifting effects, but the active ingredients are vastly different.

Research has shown that kava reduces stress, social stresses, relaxes muscles and provides an overall sense of euphoria and happiness.

Kratom can cause similar uplifting effects in smaller doses, but in large doses it has heavily relaxing, sedative, and pain relief effects. Different kratom veins (based on the drying process) can have higher alkaloid profiles suited towards relief or energy as well.

With a similar effect profile, it is understandable why people look to kratom and kava as useful, similar plants. Outside of having similar effects, the side effects are very different.

Concerns About Kava and Kratom

Kratom and kava at their cores can be addictive, purely for the fact that they relieve stress, anxiety and pain. Any supplement that effectively curbs someone’s personal issues can be addictive, as many studies have shown.

Past this, there are some companies who make kratom more addictive than in needs to be, by boosting the 7-hydroxymitragynine, the most addictive alkaloid in kratom. 7-hydroxymitragynine is only naturally bio-available in kratom between .02-.2%, so any number above this should raise concern. The other alkaloids in kratom have proven to be less addictive, and provide great benefits to the user.

Kava, while not an atypical opioid agonist like kratom, does appear to have some addictive qualities over time.

The benefit, and probably the most important factor here, is neither kava or kratom is dangerously life threatening. Just like any other supplement, over use or using poor quality sources of the product can yield poor results. For example, using the cheaper and worst part of kava root can cause liver damage, while the premium part of the kava root has nearly no negative effects, even when over used.

Long story short? Concerns of kava and kratom rely purely on improper sourcing. If you need help verifying the quality of kratom, look on the American Kratom Association’s website. They perform independent audits of kratom products and facilities to ensure you do not get sick or hurt from using kratom.

The easiest way to know you are buying reputable and safe kava, is by not buying something cheap. Yes, I understand the frustration, but if it sounds too good to be true – it may be dangerous for you.

Kratom and Kava Combination

You may be curious, with all the info on kratom, kava and their differences, how do they interact together?

With similar profiles, kratom and kava blend almost perfectly. Wether someone is searching for a nighttime relaxer, morning booster, or a way to get through the day, blending the perfect kava and kratom strain together can be extremely effective.

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