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We created Bliss Botanicals with one goal in mind. Change an industry. In a world where we have so many ways to benefit ourselves naturally, safely and holistically – it is a shame that we can’t always enjoy what we are consuming as well. Our nootropic ingredients provide blissful remedies, relaxing qualities, and an unadulterated euphoria that simply cannot be beat. Wether you utilize the wonderful products here at Bliss Botanicals for relaxation, unwinding or otherwise – we want you to love and believe in what you are taking.

1. Unmatched Flavor Profiles

Wether you are an experienced kava and nootropic user, or it is new to you – there is one thing most people know. These plant based ingredients do not taste good. They simply do not. Raw kava powder is pasty, does not blend well, and has a very thick aftertaste. It’s honestly understandable why so many people choose not to even try it. With Bliss Botanicals, we decided to change this mindset and create the Bliss Bomb – a revolutionary product in a budding new market. Our Kava Tonics are bursting with flavor, allowing you to enjoy either Pineapple or a Watermelon Blueberry combo on your tongue, rather than an earthy, bitter kava taste.

2. Customers Are Number One

Many companies make a kava tonic. Many companies create products similar to our Bliss Bomb. However, none of them put you first. That is where we truly step ahead of the pack. When our company was founded, we had one goal in mind. Help people find their Bliss. We want to help you utilize kava, nootropics and other plant based botanicals to get through your day. We just happen to make the best tasting options.

3. Long Lasting Euphoric Bliss

Ever tried kava? The benefits are outstanding. Relief, relaxation, euphoria and bliss are just a few. However, not all kava is created equally. Finding and sourcing some of the most expensive and rare kava is not necessarily needed to make a kava tonic – but we did it with you in mind. Our premium kava is blended in house, along with other Blissful Botanicals to create something better than the average kava tonic. Bliss Bomb takes euphoria, focus and relaxation to a whole new level with our proprietary formula. One sip and you will know the difference.

Plant Based Botanical Tonic.

About The Bliss Bomb

At Bliss Botanicals, we believe that true bliss starts from the inside out, with botanical tonics meticulously created with the end user in mind. All our Bliss Bombs are sourced from only the finest botanicals found in the world, and manufactured at our state-of-the-art GMP-certified facility. Choose between sweet and smooth Blueberry Watermelon or refreshing Pineapple – or better yet, try them both – and get a moment of bliss today!

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