Bliss Botanicals
Bliss Botanicals

A Quest for Bliss Bomb

Searching for Bliss… it is such a fleeting feeling. With life turning every which way, uncertainty in the air, and no consistency anywhere – it is hard to find Bliss and Peace.

Relaxing nowadays seems to be nearly impossible. Like flying to Mars, lifting the earth with one hand, or even receiving the promotion you so desperately need – this fleeting relaxation is no where to be found. It is in these moments, you should reach for Bliss Bomb.

What is a Bliss Bomb?

Bliss Bomb is a premium tonic created out of fruit from the gods themselves. Utilizing ancient plant medicine from Fiji and Southeast Asia, we have created an opportunity to sit amongst the Olympians – or at least feel like you are.

As you sip our tonic, our kava root blend elevates you to a sheer bliss state, lifting your spirit and vitality to a level unlike any other. The other ancient plants we use provide focus, pain relief and energy. Combined together, our Bliss Bomb provides an effect that others can only hope to match. Our way to describe it? Pure Bliss.

Unwind. Relax. Hang out with Dionysus while you’re at it…

One sip at a time.